Four nights alone in Amsterdam and I missed you every one
I wish this trip was over and it?s only just begun
I don't know when I?ll see you again
I can't think of it, it?s more than I can bear
I know I only kissed you once
But I hold it on my on my lips like a prayer
I see me in the window of an old café on the boulevard
Looking hunkered down blown around
I've forgotten what I'm out here for
I stood alone last night by the streetlight, aching for you
I watched the snow fall in Berlin
From a hotel room on Karl Marx Avenue
Oh please, I need your love
Oh please, I need your love
I dreamed of you in Belfast
Woke up to the echo of your voice
Walked the streets of Dublin
Talking to myself ?bout love and choice
I forgot the dream in Aberdeen and panicked
'Cause it felt like you were gone
I called your number in despair and you laughed at me
Thank God I was wrong
Oh please, I need your love
Oh please, I need your love
Well, I kissed you once and then I left
And I was hoping that you might remember me
Oh, I didn't even try to stay
I was teasing you with the possibility
Yes, I set a trap but I fell in
And I don't think I'm finished falling yet
What I tried to do to you, I did to me
I guess I'm working off the debt
Going crazy here without you
And it makes no sense at all
On my knees with my arms out
And my back against the wall
I miss you everywhere I go with an ache
That just grows stronger town to town
And if you don't want me, baby
I hope I'm strong enough to just keep moving round
Oh please, I need your love
Oh please, I need your love
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Please Lyrics

Mary Gauthier – Please Lyrics

Songwriters: MARY GAUTHIER

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