Don't want to need the way I need you
Don't want to feel like this
Holding back all the words, but not the kiss
For the moment my heart begins to murmur
The moment of truth arrives
And I know you'll shake your head and say goodbye

I know the price of this to me
I'll light the candle that shines on you
I'll be a slave to the beauty, but not the truth

Don't want to fear the way I fear you'll
Hurt me because you can
I never believed I'd crave that kind of man
I've seen the trail of hearts you've broken
I've seen the traps you lay
And if I had the strength, I'd run without delay


It's dark and getting colder, and I'm the beholder
And you're all I long to see
Don't want to love the way I love you

[Chorus: x2]
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Slave To The Beauty Lyrics

Mary Chapin Carpenter – Slave To The Beauty Lyrics