With Clarence "Tater" Tate

Tater: Tell 'em Marty, you got a word for it

Marty: Right here, oh, ooh, oh, look yonder comin',

Tater: Where, where you comin' from

Marty: Right over there boys, comin' down the railroad track
I said look-a-yonder comin', comin' down the railroad track
It's the Orange Blossom Special, bringin' my baby back
I'm goin' down to Florida, gonna get some sand in my shoes
Or maybe California, gotta lose there New York blues
Ride the Orange Blossom Special, now, lose these New York blues

Marty: One more time. This song is about a train, ya know, the Old Orange Blossom Special that used to run from Florida, up the East Coast. And around the East Coast in Virginia, Tater had a little hound dog one time that played a little bit too close to the train track. And his luck ran out and the train got the hound dog by the tail. Cut his tail off. So Tater, tell 'em a little bit more about your hound dog. A-show 'em how he went, alright.

Tater: Well like you said Marty, he just got to playin' around a little bit to close to the railroad tracks. Cut about three inches of his tail off. Boy it did hurt. Though I don't know how it would feel, but I'm sure it would hurt. He squalled out somethin' like this, he was just a little hound dog right... Really hurt him bad, he turned around about three flips and took off up towards the house, up through the field there, every step he was takin' he was a yakin' somethin' like this right here....
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Orange Blossom Special Lyrics

Marty Stuart – Orange Blossom Special Lyrics

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