I was hangin' round town just spending my time
Out of a job not earning a dime
When a feller walks up and he says I suppose
Your a bronc fighter by the look of your clothes

You figures me right I'm a good one I claims
Do you happen to have any bad ones to tame?
He said I got one a bad one to buck
For throwin good riders he's had lots of luck

Well I gets all head up and I ask what he pays
To ride this old nag for a couple of days
He offers me ten and I said I'm your man
A bronc never lived that I cannot fan

He said get your saddle and I'll give you a chance
In the buc-board we hopps and we rides to the ranch
Early next mornin right after chuck
I steps out to see if this outlaw can buck

Down in the horse coral standin alone
Was an old cavio a strawberry roan
His legs are all spaddeled his feet pigen toed
Little pig eyes and a big Roman nose

Little pin ears that touch at the tip
A big foruty four brand was on his left hip
"you" neck and oh what a long lower jaw
I could tell with one eye he's a regular outlaw
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The Strawberry Roan Lyrics

Marty Robbins – The Strawberry Roan Lyrics

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