When you were only fine you caught a butterfly
You held it for a while it made you smile you caught a butterfly
Finally it flew away you cried and cried that day
To see it fly so high an eagle came and caught the butterfly
So don't fly too high in the sky butterfly
If you fly very high in the sky you'll find the sun may burn your wings
And each song you hear let it go in and out your ear
Don't be fooled by the beautiful songs the nightbirds sing
Your daddy loves you best much more than all the rest
I watched you grow to be a lady then you been my butterfly
Learn to fly butterfly before you fly too high
An eagle waits for watch what you do be careful butterfly
And don't fly too high in the sky butterfly...

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Fly Butterfly Fly Lyrics

Marty Robbins – Fly Butterfly Fly Lyrics

Songwriters: MARTY ROBBINS
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