'Who likes Wednesdays, anyway, '
She says, 'there's not enough ends in the week
Wouldn't you say,
If I had my way, '
She says, 'it would be Friday
And we'd stay and dance till after
The band packed their stuff away'

Claudia, wish I danced like you
Danced like I had nothing to worry 'bout
Except Rock & Roll

Look ain't she cool
Aren't I a right fool
I spill my guts like she cares what
I'm going through
I'm sure she don't like me
Well really how could she
I live by Derby
I come from the country
I'm a nobody

Claudia wish I was cool as you girl
Wish I had nothing better
To worry 'bout
Except Rock & Roll

One day I'll be just as wild
If she's no shame then why should I
Claudia, wish I was like you

She got it all man
She got everything
Wish I was half as glamorous
And out of hand
So help me Claudia, huh,
Be more just like ya
'Cause I'm scared stiff
Scared half to death
Oh help me shake this pettiness

Claudia, there's no one
Quite like you girl
Don't you got something better
To worry 'bout
Except Rock & Roll

Music and lyrics by martina sorbara
Martina sorbara - vocals/piano
Adam hay - drums
Murray foster - bass
Jian ghomeshi - percussion/acoustic guitar
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Claudia Lyrics

Martina Sorbara – Claudia Lyrics

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