I have tried
to make the best of everything.
But I still cry
when I think about what might have been.
No one can say
who you might be today.
You could've been superman.
It could've been any of us
Could've been the second coming
and now we'll never know
You could've been superman.

Fancy lies
to do what was best for everyone.
I'd walk on the sky
If I could undo what we've done.
You make me scared.
I take you everywhere.
You could've been superman.
You could've been the start of something.
You could've been my hero.
Now we will never know.
You could've been superman.

I see you in the dark,
Though I try not to.
You're spitting in the world
and then you're old.
So cry your eyes a tear into my pocket
and I'll keep it,
carry it like gold.
Could've been superman,
could've been somebody's mother.
Could've been the one exception,
oh, that you could've been,
could've been superman.

(I could've let you down)
Could've been superman
(I could've screwed you up)
Could've been my guy
(no one can touch you now)
I could've loved you
Could've been superman
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Superman Lyrics

Marry Me Jane – Superman Lyrics

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