Last night in my dreams I saw you with another,
And when I turned around, you were gone.
It all came back to me,
Through a postman and this letter.
That brought the words: I fell in love with another.
How does it feel when you wake up in the morning?
Do you ever think of me lying here?
'Cause when I go to sleep, you become my pillow,
And I hold you tight and whisper in your ear.

Does he hold you the way I used to? Does he smile at you from the centre of his heart?
Does he live for you, would he die for you?
If you told him that you want him to,
Could he love you the way I always will? Well could you ask him to?

I ventured out today, I really wished I hadn't.
'Cause everything I seen and heard made me think of you.
I know I have to get over you, but at the present I'm finding it hard to do.
So I beg you please to take a moment to ask:


Now I'm a speck on your horizon,
A fading light inside your eye.
I've come to understand that you were far beyond me,
But I'll never understand exactly the reason why
You never explained to me.

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Ask Him To Lyrics

Mark Owen – Ask Him To Lyrics

Songwriters: MARK OWEN
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