I'd fill your sleep with the sweetest dreams
And I'd make sure you'd never cry
I'd make you princess of the seven seas
I'd make you queen of all mankind
I'd build you a castle fit for a king
I'd take all the gold in the world
And make you ne big beautiful ring

And I'd make sure the sky was always blue
So you could go outside and do anything
You wanted to do
I'd slow down everything baby so we
Could have more time
That's what I'd do if the world was mine
I'm tellin' you that's what I'd do
If the world was mine

I'd never let harm come to you
And I'd always take care of your heart
I'd make all your wishes come true
And I'd make sure we were never far apart
I'd build you a mountain and give it a name
I'd take you all the way to the top
So you could hear the angels sing


That's what I'd do if the world was mine
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If The World Was Mine Lyrics

Mark Mcguinn – If The World Was Mine Lyrics

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