Sometimes we argue, just for a laugh
To terrories the neighbours, to freak out the cat
To get back at each other, for deeds long done
I donґt remember, how it begun

You say that I love, the sound of my own voice
I say thatґs funny, since itґs you who makes the noice
You say youґre only trying to be heard

I say, why do you always have to have the last word

The very moments, opinions clash
We hurt each other, and that's just that
Itґs easy for you to say, Why not give up?
But then we will be right back to another square one

Ooo, you say the problemґs always me
I say why can't we agree to disagree
You say that it only makes things worse

I say, how come you always have to have the last word

A: Even when weґre sleeping, thereґs no respite
M: I dream we argue most every night
A: Youґre a giant space above, bouncing on my head
Bеda: Telling everybody watching, I got no friends

I got every reason, to be annoyed
But Iґm seceretly hoping, that Iґm just paranoid
Cause you look like a bubble about to burst

So itґs best to let you always have the last word
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Last Word Lyrics

Marit Bergman – Last Word Lyrics