This is the third time this week
That I find myself wandering down your street
And I can't seem to give it up
I've even stopped making these excuses
For why you're stuck here in my thoughts
When it's been long enough

And I try to keep myself moving
But I'm not getting anywhere

I wait in the same spot
Brain like a parking lot
You're the traffic in my head
You're the reason that I'm wrecked
I pray for it to stop
Like rain on the sidewalk
The traffic in my head, you're the traffic in my head

There's just too much to forget

Guess I should be happy now
Everything is back to how it was
Before you came around
I'm already changing
And I've even tried
To find a new distraction
But still you surround
As if it's not hard enough



A part of me thinks that I'm going crazy
The world's spinning, my vision is hazy
And none of this makes any sense
I never meant for this to end
I can do what I have to do
If I could only get around you...


Is just to much to forget
Theres just to much to forget [x2]
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Traffic Lyrics

Marie Digby – Traffic Lyrics

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