(*When I grow up I'm gonna play guitar
Sing my songs and go real far
I'm gonna be a country rock star*)
I grew up with the radio on it was am fm all day long
With the hopes and dreams that I would be
Singing my songs on mtv
Guns and Roses, Johnny cash, John googen mellencamp, and nash,
Singing oh my my my my sharona,
Hurts so good and ring of fire
American pie, I will survive, The bjs singing... I'm stayin alive
I was singing that song on the radio rock on in my blue suede shoes
Oh do the little tonky honk and do the micheal J moon walk just for fun,
Boot scoot n boogie with brooks n dunn
I was singing in the shower
Singing in the rain
Singing on the way to work in my car
I wanna be a country rock star!!

Singing air supply playing air guitar I was up on stage in a karaoke bar
Coincidental I was feelin sentimental got a little goosebumps from an instrumental
Springstein sang of glory days, I was born in the usa!


Gotta put your mind to it
Gotta be the best
Don't settle for less don't sell your self short
Don't be afraid you'll never know what chance to take....


(I wanna be a country rock star)

(Yeeeeeee haw)
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Country Rock Star Lyrics

Marcel – Country Rock Star Lyrics

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