I'm living on a boat, around me, the tempest
I made with clouds a coat
And with raindrops a dress
Waves are so high
That I can't see the sky
And I can't see my sorrow
In this feverish hollow, surrounded by fear
My boat's capsizing
What am I doing here
Why on earth can't I swim
There is water in my nose
There is water in my brain
I'm bleeding water caus'
There is water in my veins
And now I am drowning
I can follow my way
Now I am drowning
I feel sea dying away
I heard lot of stories
But none tells, I am certain
How docile water is
When you live in heaven.

(Merci? Cl? Lie pour cettes paroles)
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On A Boat Lyrics

Mansfield.TYA – On A Boat Lyrics