Guayaquil City va a reventar
Tanto calor no se puede aguantar
"Oyé pana! que pasa por la calle ?"
1) Llorando va la Terremoto
Se mato su nino en moto
"y su hombre que esta en el mar"?!
Dimé tu quien va a cobrar?
2) La huelga en el puerto
Ya se ha terminao
El del syndicato
Ya se lo han cargao
Guayaquil City gonna kill you baby
3) Vendo sueno peruano
Venga hermanoenrollaté!
Todo el dinero que yo gano
A Miami lo mandaré
"Y si te engana el Colombiano ?
De un balazo lo mataré!
Que pasa por la calle?
Nada! No pasa nada!
Ayer por el Malecon
Al chino lo mataron
"Dicen que era un ladron"
Hoy salio su barco pa Canton

google translation:

Guayaquil City is going to burst As much heat cannot be held “Oyé velveteen! that it happens through the street? ” 1) Crying the Earthquake goes I kill its nino in moto “and its man who this in the sea”! He tell me your who is going to receive? 2) Strike in the port Terminao is already had The one of the syndicato Already there are cargao Guayaquil City gonna kill you baby 3) Wendish I sound Peruvian Hermanoenrollaté comes! All the money that I win To Miami I will send it “And if engana you the Colombian? Of a shot I will kill it! That it happens through the street? Nothing! It does not pass anything! Yesterday by the Levee To the Chinese they killed it “They say that he was a thief” Today salio its boat pa Canton
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Guayaquil City Lyrics

Mano Negra – Guayaquil City Lyrics

Songwriters: Teboul, Philippe / Jamet, Daniel / Gauthe, Pierre / Darnal, Thomas / Dahan, Olivier / Chao, Jose Manuel / Chao, Antoine / Casariego, Santiago
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