All good things
All good things
All good things

Not sure where to go
Everybody I know
Says I'm too forgiving
And now that I'm gone
I don't wanna move on
I just keep reliving

All good things
I wish you
All good things
Come to an end
All good things
I wish you well

Lost inside of my head
Empty side of the bed
I feel this place without you
I keep pushing the blues
'Cause I know I don't wanna lose
What I loved about you


I can think of a million ways
You proved you weren't the one, baby
So live inside of your shades of grays
And never mind the sunshine
That I'll find...

I got so much space now
I've got a whole house
With the wind blowin' through
It's only somewhere to hide
I've got this whole world inside
I was accustomed to showing you



All good things...
Oh oh
All good things
Oh oh, oh oh
All good things...
Oh I wish you well...
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All Good Things Lyrics

Mandy Moore – All Good Things Lyrics

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