Never Again

Verse 1: She was young
When she first fell in love
She thought he was
God's gift from above
Then she found out
That he was never true
Now the poor thing
Doesn't know what to do

Chorus: Now she cries
Asking herself
Why was I dumb
How could I believe
I don't understand
Never again

Verse 2: Nine months later
She had his child
And he came back
Stayed for a while
And just like before
He ran out the door
Couldn't handle bein a man
And he left her
Heartbroken again

Bridge: Again
Why couldn't he
Tell the truth
Instead he lies
Said "Baby I Love You"
And the truth was
He was never in love
And he'll never be a man
I don't think I'll ever understand
Never again

Chorus: Now she cries (I don't understand)
Everynight (Everynight, everyday)
Asking herself (Why did he make me believe)
Why (He'd never leave)
Why was I dumb (He took advantage of my heart)
How could I believe (I don't get it)
I don't understand (You ripped my life apart)
Never again

Verse 3: Oh no
You'll get yours
And it'll hurt
10 x's more
You hurt that girl
You were her world
She heartbroken
Cuz you played those games
And now her life
Will never be the same
Never again, no never
Never again

Chorus: Now she cries (That girl was me)
Everynight (That boy was you)
Asking herself (I had your child)
Why (How can we be through)
Why was I dumb (It ain't that easy)
How could I believe (I trusted you)
I don't understand ( But never again)
Never again
Never a
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Never Again Lyrics

Maliah – Never Again Lyrics