>Chorus1# Rap2# Rap<

A hard day's job, has come and now gone,
Step in the room, and what I feel is gloom,
'cause it's empty, noone to greet me.
Pain jumps in, only the mirror to meet me.
So I sit on back, write my text,
Ink flows throught to I flex and plex
Not a love letter, only a live getter,
Pen after pen, as the paper get wetter,
The warrior, lyrical courier,
Needs an amazon, and a strong type lover,
What's it gonna be, a simp or me "G".
Emotconal concept or a technicality,
Not new to the game, so what's up?
Gimme your heart or else stay apart.
And I'll accept one or the other.
Princess or not, I'm still the true brother.
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Carry On Lyrics

Magic Affair – Carry On Lyrics