This is a positive song,
It's all about what is right, not what is wrong.
And it's supposed to be nice,
There'll be no mention of human sacrifice.
This is a positive song,
If you're a positive person, you sing along.
Feel free to mess with the track,
Please don't sing about shooting up smack.
This is a positive song,
It's life affirming and healthy and very strong,
And God is now on our side,
And God created napalm,
Anad thalidomide.
Everybody's good, everybody is good,
To one another in this world.
Everybody's gonna get a turn,
To look so pretty in this world,
And everybody's gonna get a turn,
To touch each other tonight,
And everybody's gonna take a turn,
To fuck each other's wives and mothers.
Everybody's gonna build a bomb,
And blow up houses...
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Positive Song Lyrics

Machine Gun Fellatio – Positive Song Lyrics