Lyfe talkingyo ya'll ain't gon like what i am about to tell ya'llya'll gave the wrong dude a deal this time boyyeah imma take ya'll back to how it used to beback in the 90's oh yeah yeahyo you done pictured everything else now picture this[Chorus:] [2x]I be robbin' these niggasI'm a stick-up kidThat's how I live I admit itI be robbin' these niggasI'm a stick-up kidAnd if you do it too much I'm coming to get it [2nd Verse:]See lately I've been thinking bout saving my soulAnd do prayers make it to heaven from the ghettoI asked all my friends but they all say they don't knowIt's all bad ya'llAnd the preacher talking bout some stuff he don't knowWhen church done became a fuckin' fashion showAnd they won't let a nigga in with these timbosIt's all bad ya'll[Chorus [2x]/Bridge:]Nobody knows the trouble I seeNobody knows but me [3x]
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Stick Up Kid Lyrics

Lyfe Jennings – Stick Up Kid Lyrics

Songwriters: JENNINGS, LYFE
Stick Up Kid lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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