Can we take the streets?
Cause there's a horrible crash
We're standing on the highway
A girl and her dad
Would you say

It's far to much for me
It's far to fast of scenery
But your voice

And your lips are moving words
That cannot breach the noise
Just remember always move fast

We know you, we own you

Go home, and leave me at the door
We can stay outside of your house and just
Wait for the morning

Well I heard you can't stay too long
The mornings got you worried
The sun holds a sea of troubles
And an early drive away

So I guess I will stay for a while
I guess you knew it from how I smiled

I guess there's no hurry
More like fucking nursery
I'm a beautiful child

Just remember always move fast

Cause I've seen your sadness grow
And it swallows these days until it hurts
To breath

She whispers
Thanks for your time tonight
But you are not awake yet
You are not awake I swear

It's all been in your dreams
Of nothing tangible
The girl, this house, the highway
Your mind made it real.

So just remember always move fast
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Always Move Fast Lyrics

Lydia – Always Move Fast Lyrics