I am the savior in the brothel, I'm the saint trading in souls
Christ on a Harley at full throttle, Bottled angel to be sold

I hide in corners of the church, the shadowed pieces of the cross
The flock dressed in their Sunday clothes
I seek to cleanse them with them off

I hold the keys to temp and spit, I know the secrets they don't tell
I bleed stigmata in the pit, I find the humor deep in hell

I am tomorrow without fear, I am the past you will regret
I make you think the end is near
Cause I know how it gets you wet

I am what frightens you to sleep
I am the only hope you've got
Scream the praise your hole to keep
Deliver you from all this rot

And as the curtains close this chapter
As the century winds down
Maybe you'll learn from all my laughter
Learn to swim or fucking drown

Cause maybe this is what it takes
Perhaps you'll learn from my mistakes
The contradiction that makes sense
Nail me up this time I won't flinch

I crawl the nightlife as I bless, I pay the whores double their price
I scurry gladly through this mess, I am the artificial light

I bring the hope to those who bet
Their lives for fame and fortunes tongue,
I am the shit that you inject, I'm beautiful, rich, smart and hung

I lie I cry, I lead astray, I have control over your fate
I live for getting in the way, I love to taunt and agitate

I'll never stop, I'll never change, eternally, I still exist
I'm sick and sexually deranged
Still when I'm gone, I'm always missed

I live in blood sweat tears and come
I'm made of sickness made of death
I am the leach that sucks you numb
I am the pussy on your br
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Technochrist Lyrics

Luxt – Technochrist Lyrics

Songwriters: H. FROST
Technochrist lyrics © CONEXION MEDIA GROUP, INC.

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