I've got quite a pain inside of my... Yeah
I must plug it up with a....
You may never know what it feels like to have
Might know pain but never pain like this...
What adrag to be on the rag
Gotta have some chocolate it tastes soooo good
Leave me alone because I will....
Gonna give you my eyes of death
Don't look at me
Pain, pain, so much pain
Pain in the liquid

What a drag when I feel this way
I know I can't just get away
Trapped in a hell that's created by me
No escape from the blood running tree
What a drag, what a drag, what a fucking drag

Run right from the street into the bathroom
Rip the plug right outta my... Yeah
Rivers run red, red and thick now
Don't you
Throbbing pelvis underneath the rag
What a drag, what a drag,
What a fucking drag
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Plugg Lyrics

Lunachicks – Plugg Lyrics