[intro I-20]
What the fuck's up!
DTP in this mother fucker
And for all y'all that don't like it
Do one thing, get the fuck back
Cause all my niggas is ready
Luda, 20, Fate, Shawna
Let's show these motherfuckers how we disturb the peace
Get the fuck back, bitch

[Chorus: x2]
Fuck That!
Get the fuck back!
Luda make your skull crack
Tuck that
Bitch, your whole town's on my nut-sack
Cuff that
Put it in your weed, nigga, puff that
What's that
People goin' die tonight

Bronson, motherfucker, give me more than three feet
DTP in the club, we comin' more than three deep
Your whole crew is weak and my squad is real cash getters
Stayin' more to crunk, our shit bump like bad clippers
How many try to hustle with Dealer then went broke
Infamous, I'm a value meal, I come with the coke
I gotta enough guns for beef, if you want it that way
I'll push your wig back like finger waves or bad toupee

I lick a load of you niggas, leave kids in the hallways
Catch 'em at they locker (hoo-ahh, blocka blocka)(gun shots)
See 'em on Broadway and tap they ass
Catch 'em in the swimming pool and overlap they ass

I'm from the southside, College Park
G Road, niggas gone
Ride when the beef starts
Don't hold back, let the heat spark
One's through his vest, one's through his chest
Sleepy hollows put the niggas to rest, uh

[Chorus: x2]

What you know about projects, hoes, and murder
Whole lotta game, whole lotta keys and burners
Whole lotta dope fiends, trying to scheme the workers
Whole lotta feds, got them niggas scared to surface
Type of bitch that got the brown in my sock
Find me on the block tryin' to cop a piece of the crop
Watch me, pull up on me real sweet in a drop
But if you fuckin' with my paper, feel the heat from the glock, nigga

We pop bottles, bottles,
Right over you head, niggas
Put nozzles, nozzles
Right over your leg, niggas
Our motto, motto
Is kill 'em instead, niggas
We make 'em loose weight, when we Jenny Craig, niggas

All of y'all is half nice, half thugs, and half assed
The only time I'm goin' half, is half on a half
But I use a full clip, cause I'm a full fledged killer
Part-time MC, full-time drug dealer

[Chorus: x2]

We the filthy niggas from the South, A-Town represent us
Strong arming motherfuckers, like a Russian sickle
You got issues with us talkin' shit on mixed tapes
Ill catch you at a show and beat you with a mix tape
You best pump brakes, 'fore I pump shells and blood ooze
I leave niggas like burps (burp), excuse
Just keep on pissing me off, like a week kidney
And you will find your family reading your obituary

These people tryin' to scrub the red off
Stains they don't get off
They wanted to bring the pain, so this thing 'bout to set off
Barretas for getting cheddar, you're better off dead off
Yes, you can do it, cut his fucking head off

I got a letter from the government, the other day
They told me that the bitches caught a shipment of my yay
They on their way, three minutes to get the K
Two minutes to get the weight, one minute and I'ma spray

[Chorus: x2]

[Repeat: x2]
Bang bang kill a man let his brains hang
And when I'm in the court, plead guilty insane
They put me in a ward, I'ma have to maintain
But when I hit bricks won't a damn thing change
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Get The F*** Back Lyrics

Ludacris – Get The F*** Back Lyrics