Sit and think about me upbringing

And tearing it apart is a serious thing

They say I'm confused

They say I lost my culture I lost my grassroots

All that shit I just give it the boot

Cause I know where lies my truth

With me coming around the corner with dem boom, boom, boom

I hit the dance floor so make some room

I'm the crazy Indian let me scream and shout

So tell whose selling out

First generation American

No one knew where I was coming from

Fuck the past, what's done is done

We'll rule the world together...

Cause I got much Masala, yeah, I got much Masala

Born and raised in America

But when I came home it felt like India

Yes! Three languages I read, write, and speak

And everybody's saying that my future is bleak

I dropped my racism, and I donned my blonde streak

So tell me whose culture is weak
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Masala Lyrics

Lucky Boys Confusion – Masala Lyrics