It's like watching murder through your fingers at the theatre
It's like finding out Klaus Barbie was your neighbour... Only weirder
And when I saw you on the tube...
With a six-foot cop on either side of you...
That's when I knew

That's when I knew, that's when I knew
All the pain that was shacked up inside of you
Well, so long Bernie you're the friend I never knew
And never will...

She didn't even know your name
But you put a six-inch blade inside her all the same
She couldn't possibly know why
And when you became Doctor Jekyll you knew you had to hide

So now I know, yeah, now I know
All the pain that was in your mind is still inside your soul
Well so long Bernie you're the friend I'll never know
I'll never know

You're the beast inside us all
The straw that breaks
The wire that snaps
You're all the pressure built up in this pitiful machine

So, now your mind is full of blood
A simple scream in place of every single thing you've done
They found her in a field
And when they found you swinging, well noone shed a tear
When they found you dangling, well, noone shed a tear
Ah, when they found you hanging...
Why would they shed a tear?
Why shed one tear?

Well now I know, yeah, now I know
I look at strangers different than I did a year ago
But you know Bernie it's my closest friends I'd better get to know
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So Long Bernie Lyrics

Lowest Of The Low – So Long Bernie Lyrics