The weatherman says goodnight
The empire state buildings turning of its lights
The refrigerator stops
And suddenly it's quiet
I never noticed the ceilings were so low
I never saw all the cracks on the window
I never saw myself as sentimental
But here I go
Without you

I've been standing round you like a statue
Laying on the floor thinking about you
I talk to myself like the crazies do
Otherwise I'm great
what about you?
Ain't nothing going on here but the rent
I can't account for how my days are spent
I want to draw the line between who I am

The weatherman says blues skies but it's raining
Like the clouds all decided to cry
And every time you hurt me I say “It's
All right it's all right it's all right”
Without you I've been standing round
You're like a statue
Laying on the couch all day like cats do
Waiting for the phone to ring
But it won't ring
Without you
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Statue Lyrics

Low Millions – Statue Lyrics

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