All right, all right
So here we are livin' it day by day
You are a super star
At least that's what you used to always say

Queen of the prom
And the Christmas day parade
Well ain't it sad to slowly watch yourself fade

Into that girl you never dreamed you'd see
Talkin' 'bout the way things used to be
And thinking that your best years are already behind you

Go where you want to
But don't you forget now baby
It's not where you been it's where you are

All right all right
Well that's ok
I believe you lost your nerve
I think it's safe to say
When life throws you a curve ball

Picking yourself up off the ground
Is a lot more fun with a firend around
You need to be reminded that the best years are right now


You know it's really been a while
Since I've seen you smile
And I miss that girl I knew long ago
You're still the same glitter girl
Who used to rule my world
All you need is a helping hand
And someone to say...
It's all right all right all right
All right all right all right
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My Superstar Lyrics

Love Seed Mama Jump – My Superstar Lyrics

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