Rain bird dives through the hole
In a broken guitar
Rain bird sings a song so sad in blue
Like a stranded insect
Stuck in a bowl of glue
He tries to fly
But he will die
If he ever leaves the zoo

Rain Bird, Rain Bird

Rain bird swoops through the
Chimney pots and rain
Rain bird flies to the edge of a gilded cage
Hiding in the spotlights
Of a famous stage
He tries to become invisible
Whilst stealing the front page

Rain Bird, Rain Bird, Rain Bird, Rain Bird

When you were a boy
You used to wish for this
But like the cat who turns his nose
Up at the dish
Now that you have it
You want to give it away

When you had to work so hard
Slogging for a pittance
In a boot and shoe yard
That's when you wanted
What you now give away

Rain Bird
You're all the rage, bird
Rain Bird
You're all the rage, bird
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Rain Bird Lyrics

Love And Rockets – Rain Bird Lyrics

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