Sometimes I feel that I'm just wishing my life away
I wish that things would change with absolutely no delay
Lovers look as though even when they kiss
I believe what they say, ignorance is bliss

I punish myself
I've done no wrong
Believe this world will take
And it won't be long
When the stars fall down
And I fall in love

All I want to do is flow
With the river of people
The bottom of my wishing well
Is an ocean of steel
In my dreams I go
To the river of people
Help me, help me to
Make my dreams come true

I could tell you how but I could not tell you why
I've been sold, fools gold
And bought all the things that money can't buy
??? that once I was in love with a pretty girl
She never broke my heart
I broke my heart myself

But I've waited so long
For the sun to shine
Thought that I just might be wrong
?? and ???
Don't tell me your dreams
Cause I don't want to know


Help me help me
Help me help me

I've been to paradise and I don't like what I've seen
Things I thought were so sweet only ????
Life can be so cutting life can be so cruel
I believe that life has left me sitting on a monkey stool


Help me help me to
Make my dreams come true (Repeat x4)

All I want to do is flow
With the river of people (Repeat x4)
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River Of People Lyrics

Love And Money – River Of People Lyrics

Songwriters: JAMES GRANT
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