I was raised here in Westchester County
I was taught in the Country Day School
We were richer than most, I don't mean to boast
But I swam in the country club pool

With a father from Hewlett, Long Island
And a mother fromtifton, ga
During the war in the Marine Corps
They met and then married one day

I was raised here in Westchester County
My brother, my sisters and I
Oh our dad went to work every day in ny
On a train in a suit and a tie

I remember those coming out parties
Where us country club kids had our fun
Steal a kiss, cop a feel, off a girl in high heels
Oh we all came in our cumberbuns

I was raised here in Westchester County
Tennis courts, golf courses galore
By the country club pool at the Country Day School
I learned manners, oh so much more

I remember those big Sunday dinners
Round that dining room table we all sat
Carve a turkey, a ham, a roast leg of lamb
Dinner finished in ten minutes flat
In the country club pool

(Repeat verse 1)
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Westchester County Lyrics

Loudon Wainwright III – Westchester County Lyrics