It's not strange, no mystery, you and I are history
I put up my protective wall
It's 4 feet thick and 10 feet tall

10 feet tall and 4 feet thick
Granite, concrete, steel and brick
Protection for you, understand
The little boy, the inner man

Boys kissed the girls then made them cry
That's a man's job, that is why
When you cry, you're just a clone
Of every woman I have known

And every Harry, dick and Tom
Gets all of this shit from his mom
Who was unhappy, mom was sad
Because of a wall that dad had

Once it's up it wont come down
And mom's a queen and dad's a clown
It's not strange, no mystery that you and I are history
It's 4 feet thick and 10 feet tall
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4 X 10 Lyrics

Loudon Wainwright III – 4 X 10 Lyrics

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