Can't help it, now, baby
You better make your face get out of here, quick
Maybe your ass was getting, aah, too rich
It ain't like we ain't never seen this thing before
And if it turns you then around
Then you better hit the door
But I know, it's just a temporary thing
Ooh, yeah, it's just a temporary thing

You've read too many books
You've seen too many plays
And it's things like this, that turn you away
Hey, hey, now, now, look, ha, look
Hey look, hey look, hey look, you better think about it twice
I know that your good breeding makes it seem not so nice
It's just a temporary thing
Aha, aha, aha, it's just a temporary thing

Where's the number, where's the dime and where's the phone
I feel like a stranger
I guess you want to go back home
Your mother, your father, your brother
I guess you wouldn't agree with me
But I don't give two shits, they're no better than me

Aha, it's just a temporary thing, oh yeah, been there before
Just a temporary thing, oh yeah, been there before
Ahh, bitch, get of my... temporary thing
Get out, it's just a temporary thing...
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Temporary Thing Lyrics

Lou Reed – Temporary Thing Lyrics

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