When all serene was fading
A theatrical performance
Went up before my eyes
A performance where the actors were slaved
Under the decietful God

The land forlorn that never will see light again
It sombre slept behind th eseal
The act kept spinning round its wheel

The sight was getting misty as tears filled my eyes
My mind was filled with thoughts about the people
And about their raging sky
Sounds of misery echoed in my head
Never again I will feel such a sympathy
That I felt that moment
So follow down this dreadful dream

The confidence that once was built
Is now falling to pieces
A confidence that was built by dreams
Forever buried in desperation

My soul was filled with despair, my eyes filled with tears
As I tried to gatehr the last of my strength
To seek in the depth of the unknown

The curtain goes up and the last act begins
Still so sombre but somehow darker
A goblet filled with blood of thousands
Approaches above their heards
The voice of darkness starts to grind in my head
"Purify your damned souls, drink of the unholy communion
Swear the allegiance and you'll never catch a glimpse
Of sunlight again"

The frost that lays on the land where life no longer dwells
Is a memory of the one that showed
That life don't have a meaning
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Among Those Who Wept Lyrics

Lothlorien – Among Those Who Wept Lyrics