Welcome to the Looptroopland where I grew up man
Don't dare to trespass you get chewed up and
Spit out on the floor. You gon' do what man?
Not a damn thing with your screwed up plans
Welcome to the Looptroopland burning Ku Klux Klan
Shine a light in the dark, time we move up man
Touching hearts and heads like only true love can
Ain't nothing sweet though, you don't want my crew god damn!
Welcome to a real live show where the stars shine bright
You should be happy right now, we're servin' bars to bite
See this is how we roll whether cars or bikes
You gotta pump it real loud or you might cause a fight
Because your people wanna hear this, their people wanna hear this
And the police they fear this so of course they wanna hear this
You're nowhere near this too slow to catch up
Been around the world twice before you asked whutup
Wack as fuck you open your gap too much
Shut up and let us bless the crowd with some real master cuts:
"What are the leaders afraid of?"
Looptroop crew I tell you straight up
Got my weight up - fully loaded nutsack
Backpacker hiphop knock you out your rucksack
Say: Fuck that! If we a hard act to follow
Fuck that! Cus we are all that and y'all know
.who's pickin' up the beautiful blondes, droppin' musical bombs
While you bitchin' in your beauty salons
You one minute fools - with two minute songs
Can't fuck with the troop - we got too many songs!
Fuck y'all! We in here, ain't going nowhere
Fuck y'all! We out there takin' care of binniz
Take it to the streets if you feel like you can finish
Off what you started. This beat is four minutes
Of beef performed in it's purest form and it's
Got kids all o
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Looptroop Land Lyrics

Looptroop – Looptroop Land Lyrics