Johnny's going to be a football star
Yeah he's going to drive a big fast muscle car
A real war machine
Never good with words, he couldn't talk to girls
Then he soon believed he'd never die
It's a scar of innocence
I'ts a cray for anything
When it drags you under
When it brings you to your knees
Johnny's going to the movies tonight
Going to get drunk
Going to get in a fight
He won't back down
Not afraid to fly when driving down that road
Then he never saw last Friday night
Survive, still breathe
Only thieves keep running towards the angry days
He couldn't stop, he couldn't leave
Until he's jolted out, a hard case reality
As it lingers on
To allude meaning Through embittered doubts
In their cold feelings
It's a scar of innocence
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Scar Of Innocence Lyrics

Lonely Kings – Scar Of Innocence Lyrics