Jump boy Johnny got his head out of wack
Those darn parasites put him right on the wrong track
He's beginning to crack
Momma said Johnny boy's as clean as a pin
The more she digs the more trouble he's in
Under his skin
You got to keep your eyes wide open
So you don't get used again
You got to keep your eyes wide open
That's the only way to win
No matter what they say
No matter what they do
Don't you take it on the chin
You got to keep your eyes wide open
So you don't get used, don't get used again.
Fab Five Freddy, he's so tough
He's hiding in the closet with all that feminine stuff
Is he tough enough?
Freddie come Freddie go, lowers the veil
Walks like a man to cover up his trail
Such a bitch, that feminine itch.
So you're in trouble again
Did it since you don't know when
Everything seemed so much worse before.
Saying that you lost the plat
You ain't happy with the things you got
All you every wanted was a little bit more.
Little girl Suzie want's to buy an Uzi
Show the little boys just how choosy she is
Just call her miss.
Suzie wanna play gonna blow them all away
Had enough of everyone hear the little trigger go click
Just for the kicks.
[repeat verse 5 & 6]
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Eyes Wide Open Lyrics

Little Angels – Eyes Wide Open Lyrics

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