Hello there.. how was your day? Sorry that I was away..
Hello there.. how is the weather? Sorry i'm not there to play..
I'm trying just to make it better for you.. I know it's hard to understand..

(la la la la la)
I'm always gonna love you..... I promise you I promise.. you..
(la la la la la)
Always thinkin' of you..... I promise you I promise.. you..

Hello there.. why are you crying? I know you're trying your best..
To be good, now for your Mother.. hold her and tell her we're gonna be ok.
I never meant to make you feel so bad.. hope some day you'll understand..


I swear i'm gonna make it up to you.. now..
I know someday you'll understand...

Chorus times two

(la la la la la)
(do do do do do do)
I promise you i promise... you
(la la la la)
(do do do do do)

Bah bah black sheep have you any wool?
Yes sir yes sir three bags full
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Lullaby Lyrics

Lit – Lullaby Lyrics

Songwriters: Shellenberger, Allen A / Baldes, Kevin R / Popoff, Alan Jay / Popoff, Jeremy A
Lullaby lyrics © EMI Music Publishing

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