Don't know whats wrong with me
I feel like I can't breathe
I'm surprised to see you here
I wish that I could disappear

I thought that I was fine
I thought this heart of mine
Had locked you out and lost the key
But now it's coming back to me

I was wondering what you've been doing all this time
Though I've got nothing to prove
I'm gonna speak my mind

I wanna see you cry
I wanna know that I was more than just an accident
I wanna know just what I meant to you
I wanna make you high
Cause there is nothing worse
Than fallin into love all by yourself
I wanna see you cry

I used to blame myself
Wished I was somone else
The kind of girl that wanted love
Cause I could never be enough

But you let no one in
And that is such a sin
To throw away a chance like this
Cause you're too afraid to take a risk

I should be running like hell from you now
So, why am I still here?
I gotta try to turn this around
I wanna see some tears


Maybe I'm a fool for tryin'
I don't see the point in lyin'
It's just that I'm still not over you
So why do I think you might come through?

Tell me I'm crazy, baby!


I wanna see you cry
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I Wanna See You Cry Lyrics

Lisa Palleschi – I Wanna See You Cry Lyrics