Scova its lacamouva an quirer
the combination one a day
the concentration
is feeling the row
now to get to get mc geiva tugeda to steiva
qu you teiket a fiu can dream a fiu can stop
a fui can fira still
in the row la castation strenta.

amprul samprul

An fokin nick an fokin livia
an spinche steigou
an eny muppet ses Acapulco
se?or frogs disco ses Acapulco
the coco S?tif
the level dement men iven fot mc en qu
you teiket a t and f

Amprul samprul
Amprul sampruL

the fokin lo metr?
comte tu Par?s
contr? betr? bebe
contr? betr? mama
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Samprul Lyrics

Liquits – Samprul Lyrics