When I think of the times
That I wished that I could have
Been you
Was I really frightened
Never turned a hair, playing the
Field like a king
You were a diamond in a coalmine
Were you just living out that song
And whose fault thaat you got it all wrong
So falls the sungod as you were

Taking on the world
Somehow the world just knocked
You over
Taking on the world
We thought you were flying you
Were really
Dying... Goodbye

It's so hard to go up to a friend
When defences are down
Wheen he is a rival
Were you just too proud
To show us what we couldn't see
Only survival and a lifeline
You could have used a helping hand
You could havegiven me one chance to listen
So falls the sungod as you were

Do you know you're grown up
When you know you know nothing at all
Starting out from zero
When you've watched your friend
Falling apart from inside
You saw a hero not a falling angel
If looks could kill you'd kill on sight
When all the time you were
Freezing in sunlight
So falls the sungod as you were
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Taking On The World Lyrics

Lions Share – Taking On The World Lyrics