The frost has come and kissed all the leaves to sleep forever
Time sketches a few lines and etches its wishes into our lives
See how everything's changing
And see how time is rearranging the people and the places
Keeping nothing sacred
And like the leaves
In the autumn wind
We're driftin'

We've been too many places
We've seen too much
Touched too many faces
To think that there's just one way to love
Or that there's just a day to love
Somewhere some special moment in time and space
(....) face to face
But our lives are borrowed
We love today and die tomorrow
Like the leaves in the autumn wind
We're driftin'

I will always be grateful
That time has granted us the right
To be lovers if for just a moment
We live in the (....) and we know it
So if today is our last one
Let's run out into the sun, ohh
Love, hold onto my hand
Hold on as long as you can
For just like leaves in the autumn wind
We're driftin'
Just like leaves in the autumn wind
We're driftin'
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Driftin' Lyrics

Linda Ronstadt – Driftin' Lyrics

Songwriters: K. EDWARDS, B. KIMMEL

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