Yeah, and we smoke that kush
Yeah, that kush
Yeah, and we ball like swoosh
Yeah, like swoosh
Yeah, like swoosh

Yeah, now how ya like me now

Got the shit goin' till six
Press a button, watch the motherfucker do tricks
I don't know what you are on, but I'm on some new shit
While you're bitch is on my dick, like a glue stick
I got a grill, I don't have to get my tooth fixed
The tooth fairy would retire if I loose it
Straight out the clip, that's how I spit like an oozey
You can't find me 'cause I'm lost in the music
I'm runnin' this and I can jump the hurdles
I feelin' like I'm racing a bunch of little turtles
Keep a bandanna like the Ninja Turtles
I'm like a turtle, when I sip the purple


So how ya like me now

Buck sixty on the dash, I'm a do two
Captain Crunch, these niggas is Fruit Loops
That's why your girl wanna fuck me and my group too
And I'm a make her back it up like "droop shoop"
I'm the Birdman Jr., I gotta do coups
I hop up out that motherfucker, holler "suwoop"
Hollygrove seventeen, I'm from the zoo crew
You would think every animal in the zoo loose
(Fuck with me) I'm on that screw juice
But I keep my shit together, not a screw loose
Yeeaahh, word to my Gucc (Gucci) boots,
I'm higher than a new suit


Now how ya like me now

Buck forty on a ring that I don't really wear
But I bet it light up the night like the city fair
This shit ain't fair, I didn't have to go there
But all this ice got me feelin' like a polar bear
I'm so aware, I'm so prepared,
I'm so fly I will take off into the open air
Lift off, Cristal, please, crackers with cheese
Nigga please, we on J-E-Ts like Curtis Martin and Whitley Green
I'm, lightin', lightin',
Light the thing, light the thing, no Reggie man


Now how ya like me now
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Kush Lyrics

Lil Wayne – Kush Lyrics

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