[Answering Machine:] Your mailbox is full. Caller's cannot leave new messages until you erase some of your existing messages. 14 new messages. 16 saved messages. [Girl:] Hey whassup Romie? [giggles] This your Juliet Tomeka. I was calling cause you so fine at school yesterday oh my gahh. But I see you not in right now...but... I'll holla back at ya. Peace. [4 Yr Old:] Lil' Romeo? This Andrea. I just wanted to tell you... I love you and I got your number from school. And I'm in the 2nd grade. I love you [giggles] [Sister:] Hello Romeo? This your sister Antonianne. This girl wanna talk to you (Here...take the phone). [Sister's Friend:] Hi Romeo this Ashley. I saw you at school today I was wearing the 'P. Miller Shorty' shirt on and I really wanted to let you know I love you SO much. I'm gonna give your little sister my number...make sure you use it. Holla! [Man:] Hey Rome...whassup? This is P man..hurry up and get ready we gotta make it today, we gotta flight schedule. [Girl:] I wanna say...I'm so happy for you and...stuff like that. And...I don't really know what to say. But, all I know is your really ??... I love you sweetie, keep on doing what your doing shaking your tails off alright? Bye. [B:] Rome, this B. I'm at the house, what time we gon' to the gym? Hit me on my 2-way. [Girl:] Romeo this Antoine, I'm in the 8th grade, I just wanted to tell you I love you. [Man:] Yo Rome! I need to know what time we meetin' for the show. And don't forget to bring some 'P. Miller Shorty' ya hear me? [Record Producer:] Hey, yo Rome..what up? This Quake man, ya album is ridikilous the shorty's is gon' crazy. So ya know ya got ta get out here man. [Diesel:] Yo Rome? This Diesel. I gotta couple of hits. I just need you to come over here and lay some vocals rap baby. [Lil' Don:] Yo Rome. It's ya cousin Lil' Don. I was comin' to getcha so we can work on ya game, baby. You know you tryin to go to the pro's outta high school. [Mom:] Romeo. This ya Momma. Pick up the phone. I know you not in my car! If my car not home when I get there you in trouble! You know you too young to be drivin! [Puddin':] Whassup Rome? This Puddin'. I got ya number from my lil sister and I don't know what she gon' do wit ya. But I'm gon' do something wit ya... I wanna take ya to my high school prom so holla at me! [Uncle:] Yo...Rome? This ya uncle D. Hogan. I seen yo television show and it's hott! And man, keep makin music for the kids. You a big positive influence on everybody. [Master P (dad):] Yo Rome whassup? This ya dad. Hit me back on my phone. They need ya back on the movie set. Be there on time, it's gon' be a big movie. Ya heard me? Peace! [Man:] Yo whassup Rome? This ?? boy. Meet me at the house bouta 2 hrs get the Xbox in. And also ?? Holla back at me. [Lil' D:] Yo whassup Rome? This Lil' D and that 'Gametime' Album hott! I just layin my verse on "Clap ya Hands" [Mo:] Yo Rome? This Mo, man. Holla at me bro. Let me know when ya'll ready to let me bring ya'll to the movies. [Justice:] Hey Rome...this is me, Justice. I was just callin to see if we could hookup later on? Maybe go to the movies or somethin? Gimmie a call when you get this message. OH! I meant to tell you...your new album 'Gametime' is off the chain!! [Answering Machine:] There are no more messages. Main Menu.
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Commercial Lyrics

Lil' Romeo – Commercial Lyrics