Now you gotta ask yourself one question
Do you really want to fuck with me putos?
[Verse 1]
Its party time so get the glocks for the cops we on a mission
Lil Menace in the house so there ain't no competition
I'm spitting on these putos trying to put me down
You know this South Central gangster don't fuck around
But as long as your giving me that love
Represent the 1-3 and muthafuck the cops
I'm hustling bank everyday its the same thing
Some leva wants sum money see you later bang bang
Cus Menace ain't gonna bow down to nobody
No leva or a hoodrat can play me like a dummy
But that's some shit you gotta learn
Hold your own and don't get muthafucking burned
Cus the city we live in is all about politics
Tryna put my raza down kinda makes you sick
But the SUL never die gangbanging for life
Lil Menace in the house throwing up that Sur Side
Rolling through the calles and making money
So don't you try to get me crazy
Lil Menace puts it down for the 1-3
Getting hynas all the time we straight party
Southern Califas ride with me
A lil cholo getting down for the homies
So don't you try to get me crazy
Familia Records is down for the 1-3
[Verse 2]
Its a S to the O to the you to the T to the H
I thought you'd get the point so don't player hate
Cock blockers all around
Listen to the Harbor sound of this crazy lil vato gettin down
I got my strap, I got my fucking balas
Chick chick bang bang I want to make you holla
I want to see you cry I'm ridin tonight
Cus I'm straight down for the blue the evil South Side
Like the way that I spit my guns to all you levas
You know what's up and you know I'm down for whatever
All on my shit I just flow from the heart
And you know I be lighting up a muthafucking spark
In your neighborhood always up to no good
Always rolling 13 deep in a fucking Chevy or a Cutlass Supreme
I don't give a fuck ese ill leave your casket all bloody with the mop ese
[Verse 3]
I got a lot of bitches just to let you know
I'm a pimp I'm your daddy I got the wicked wicked flows
Always getting down for my South Side blues
Creeping coming up straight dumping on you fools
Familia is gettin down while Low Profile has a gay ass sound
Three little bitches tryna act like there getting down
Lil Rob, Lil Slob ay its all the same
While Royal T pimping Sancho for some rims
Talking about getting fucking slapped
ain't nobodys gonna slap me and that's a fact
Is you miedoso go and represent what's yours
I got what's mine and I don't trip on any whores
All you hear is Lil Menace, Lil Menace
This vato is the shit but you know what I ain't finished
But ima represent it till my last days
I'm getting down so let me do my thing
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Down 4 Da One Three Lyrics

Lil Menace – Down 4 Da One Three Lyrics