Pop the pill [x8]

Now get retarted [x8]
Oh yea' (16)
And pop the pill [x8]

Jiggin in the club looking for a booble head man (ohh)
The ones that can do that good old thing (yea)
Get down on your knees n bend your head n get retarted (retarted)
Trill a and lil a bringing yall gangsta music (adios)
To get yall started ben on the whole block without selling cocaine (yea)
Ben on this whole stuff to make them boys to really start to swing (wat)
Came threw the block yea them boys still popping them forreal (forreal)
Be in the club boy is retarted in popping them pills for real (yea)
Look can't get over wen this stuff got started (wat)
Man forget that stuff we was raised to get so so retarted

Now get retarted [x8]
Oh yea' (16)

And pop the pill [x8]

Man we get retarted everyday (ohhh)
Same stuff, (ohhh) same boy (ohhh) same girl ohhh)
Everybody gotta snitch(ohh) it's paper in this world (yea)
I gotta get mine before I gotta get a gurl (gurl)
Man forget that stuff I was trying get hood rich and stuff (yea)
Now I'm retarted drinking grey goose in this thing (thing)
People call me trill a cause I throw money out to the world (to the world)
Imagine stuff if I was king of this world (Ohhhh)
Ain't gotta be bucking on the law n stuff (yea)
Come in the club throwing up your set in stuf (yep)
Trill camp bringing hard music n every stuff (yep)
Snap on hatters n hit they girls
I set it off with 2 lines or 3 lines I get so retarted

Now get retarted [x4]
Oh yea' (16)
And pop the pill [x4]

Now pop (pop) [x]
Now act a fool (act a fool) [x4]
Now throw'em up (throw 'em) [x4]
Pop the pill oh yea [x4]
(Yea yea) (act act) (yea yea) (retarted retarted)
(Yea yea) (pop pop) (yea yea) (spider spider)
(Yea yea) (jigg jigg) (yea yea) (ratchet ratchet)
(Yea yea) (dumb dumb) (yea yea)
Now get also retarted
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Pop The Pill Lyrics

Lil Flow Trill Azz – Pop The Pill Lyrics

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