Most... People...
You know just had to do this for the...
For the people and the love,
You know, if you don't know who I am by now,
My name is Lil B, shout, shout to the world...
Check me out!

Most people are divided up like...
Never see the snake eyes.
Unless... Always keep the distance,
They won't have you back, but listen to ever sentence
Never speak a sentence, you and the... Got vision,
If you walk with the innocent, good decision.
Don't try to talk a lot, most people won't listen.
You can't talk to yourself, see the God damn vision is getting Lil B

... Man, you know we're getting it, let's go!
Uh, yeah! It's just game!
Yeah, what? I'm still in the game!
Always back to the names

I'mma step in the dragon's layer,
With smoke in my eyes I'm not surprised,
Hell on Earth, you can't stop 'em guys
With death on the... , you can't stop the rides,
With drugs in the car, would be eagle's eyes,
Looking out for the cops and the need is right!
Back then, there was...
In the hood... Serving Jesus like.
No loyalty, no respect,

No honesty, honestly I move away...
New kids on the block...
My niggers thought that will never get there.
... Never lived there, man I'm the...
It's Lil B!

Hold on!
I'm still in the game!
Let's get it!
One night to live!
Shit I made it...
I'm still in the game, yeah!
I'm still in the game, yeah!
Hold on!
One night to live!

Please show me who's your boss,
Cause I'mma tell him that you do...
Ego fall like a...
I get this far!
I must be real wack, I get this call
Niggers wanna be famous, why you...
I can't see through inside your soul,
Metaphor to the Earth, I turn everything to gold.
You waited too long, dude, the dreams is old,
Better live now, and go see your soul!
Better late than ever, go collect my...
Give my momma great check, we gonna be straight forever.
Uh, you ain't feeling me...
My bank account was zero, you ain't feeling me...
But I gotta be a role model, if you are all above...
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Game Lyrics

Lil B – Game Lyrics