You might know if your from around here
What goes on for half of the year
Have you seen the queen of the castle paint this city from ear to fear
If the air was meant to be glitter
It might not take all yours away
When she swings she's a heavy hitter
When she comes you'll ask her to stay

Winter left to cover
That I'm gonna end up under
But I've got my boots
When I'm in the summer I forget how much I love her when she's in the groove
Oh it's a love hate romance
'Cause I could watch her dance
If I got my boooooots

Something in the way she comes gliding makes me need to fix up the hair
She gets me to come out of hiding and find something decent to wear

Stop and stare


A love hate romance when I see her dance
I got on my boots
Got my boots on
A love hate romance I can't feel my hands
I got on my boots
Got my boots on

[Chorus x2]
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My Boots Lyrics

Lights – My Boots Lyrics

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