Have you heard the latest about my multiple personality
A lot of I:s, a lot of me:s, struggling in my head
Try to hold them back, push them down, trade nightmare
For reality
As one side of me tries to grasp what the other side has


Searching for something
But I don't want to let it show
What is my true identity?
Searching for something
Among people I don't know
I'm just impersonating me
I've been jekylling and hydeing (much too long)
From my multiple me (much too long)

I am noone- I'm shapeless slime pouring down the drain
I've got so many faces I need a mirrorball to shave
I've got hundreds of souls, hundreds of minds
But none of them seems to fit
And though they keep me company they're isolating me

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Jekylling & Hydeing Lyrics

Liberator – Jekylling & Hydeing Lyrics