It's been a long walk down this cold, dark street
She doesn't remember the faces of the men she meets
She stops by the dumpster looking for something to eat
Stops by the laundromat looking for a bit of heat

Oh, Rose of Jericho
How many times must you be bought and sold
Oh, Rose of Jericho
Maybe it's time for you to come on home
Come on home

You know she swears he had the bluest eyes
Before he took her in the middle of the night
She's just an angel caught in the undertow
She ended up on the dark side of the road


Only 16, she's still a girl
She's living on her own in this stone cold world
She's the only thing for sale on this street tonight
You can say what you want but it; 's just not right

We all know it's just not right...

She's gone as far, as far as she can go
She couldn't help it
She just didn't know
She's someone's baby, she's someone daughter
Some mothers heart still waits with the water

Chorus x2

Come on home, home, home...
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Rose Of Jericho Lyrics

Liam Titcomb – Rose Of Jericho Lyrics

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