Summer's over
Autumn leaves
Fall down gently
To color the streets
Nights get longer
Growing cold
And when you're lucky
There's someone to hold

To all lonely people here's what we say

Go hand in hand for Christmas Day x2
Go for freedom
Go for love
For peace and justice
That's what we dream of
Nobody should ever
Be alone
Just like a poor dog
Without any home

Let's all get together here's what we say

Some lives roll easy
And others so bad
Some people need our helpin' hands
This time of the year
We all should be glad and be friends
Let's be friends

In this world
Each man and woman
All boys and girls

So happy together
Don't walk away

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Go Hand In Hand 4 Xmas Day Lyrics

Lfo – Go Hand In Hand 4 Xmas Day Lyrics